Week 22 MOM – Internet user per 100 people in world (v2)

Makeover Monday -Week 22

This is the first time when I contributed to #MakeoverMondaytableau community work. I really enjoyed working with a different set of data and finding insights which might be useful for the betterment of our society. Looking forward to doing more #MakeoverMonday from next week.

About Dataset: Internet users per 100 people

This data contain the information country wise increase in the number of internet users (per 100 people) since 1990. In data, we have consecutive information from 2010 to 2015, therefore data for the year 1990, 2000, 2005 has been excluded while building the dashboard.

How to use dashboard:

Select the country and year to view a number of internet user for that year.

When a particular year is been selected from the slider, a user can view the heat map for the average number of internet users worldwide. Dark Red colour shows very less number of internet users and Dark Green colour shows large of the user with internet access.

Your comment and feedback is always valuable.


Team Reckon Analytics

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