Using R in Tableau


Tableau Professional Edition
R Studio or R Console

Setting Up Tableau Desktop with R:

Install following packages in R:

Once it is installed then start R Server by entering following command in the console:
> library(RServe)
> RServe()

Configuring Rserve Connection:

In Tableau go to following menu setting: Help -> Settings and Performance -> Manage External Service Connection
Enter or select a server name using a domain or an IP address. On a personal laptop or computer, you can enter localhost. The drop-down list includes localhost and the server you most recently connected to.

Specify a port. Port 6311 is the default port for Rserve servers.
If the server requires credentials, specify a Username and Password.

Click Test Connection.
Click OK.

Executing R Script from Tableau:

Create a new calculated field and name it as Coefficient, which will calculate the coefficient for the linear regression model.

Tableau and R Integration final output of an linear regression model

Then drag and drop your calculated variable to play around with visualisations.

Tableau and R Integration final output of a linear regression model
Tableau and R Integration final output of a linear regression model

To learn more visit: Tableau

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