TabPy Tutorial: Integration of Python in Tableau


This tutorial will give a walk through the installation and connecting Tableau with TabPy. After this tutorial, one will be able to execute a simple python function from Tableau to perform some analytics calculation such as correlations etc

1. Installation of Python and TabPy

Windows Users:

Download this official TabPy Integration from above link. Open the TabPy-master folder and click on setup.bat to start the installation of TabPy.  See below image.


click on setup.bat / to start installations


After clicking on setup.bat, System will look for any previous installation of Anaconda at port 9004. You will see below screen:


2. Connecting Tableau to TabPy.

Go to Help > Setting and Performance > Manage External Service Connection



3. Python code to a Calculated Field

You can invoke Calculated Field functions called SCRIPT_STR, SCRIPT_REAL, SCRIPT_BOOL, and SCRIPT_INT to embed your Python script in Tableau:


4.  Use Calculated Field in Tableau

Now you can use your Python calculation as Calculated Field in your Tableau worksheet:



Reckon Analytics

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