Sort by Year – Week in Power BI

In Power BI, if you are creating year-week sales report, then you will encounter a most common issue. i.e Power BI by default return single digit week number/month number. Default Sorting in Power BI: But desired results is: 2018-12 2018-11 2018-09 2017-01 Using this formula once can fix this problem: Year-Month= Data[a_date].[Year]&"-"&FORMAT(Data[a_date].[MonthNo],"00") Year-Week= Data[a_date].[Year]&"-"&FORMAT((Data[a_date].[MonthNo],1),"00")

Tableau vs Qlikview, the differences between these platforms?

Q. Tableau vs Qlikview, the differences between these platforms? Best Answer: Both, QlikView and Tableau are fabulous tools, which are changing the way BI used to happen traditionally. Both have their own pros and cons. Let me provide my perspective on it: Benefits / Pros for both the tools: 1. Fast implementation - typically it …